That Red Light – Cold Laser Therapy – as seen on Dancing with the Stars

I have recently been asked what the deal is with that "red light" "cool laser" or "cold laser" therapy after it was seen being used on Dancing with the Stars. While that is one show I haven't worked on I find that cold laser therapy is very effective when I work on television shows for [...]

How to lose weight using a green drink

So I'm pretty excited to talk about this new subject. I've been doing this for several days now and have had several patients also do it. While I'm no longer on the diet sometimes our weight fluctuate up and down a couple pounds, so in order to maintain our way we normally just watch what [...]

how important is breath to detoxify the body

Breathing is more important to optimal help than you think.  how are waste are limited by the body in the following percents: 3% by the bowel, 7% by urine, 20% by the skin, and 70% by breathing and exhaled water vapor. it's no wonder so many yoga techniques focus on breathing.  breathing being both voluntary [...]

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lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks

Just shout out and congratulations to my patient Negin who has now lost 40 pounds and 10 weeks, she lost the first twenty eight pounds in only 5 weeks!  For more information on the Ideal Protein weight loss Los Angeles go the www.theideal or check out weight loss at

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Healing on ManyLevels.

Healing occurs on many levels. Physical, chemical and emotional healing are just a few. Send us a request for any blog topic of interest to you on healing.