Unique Weight Loss Strategy

I started carrying Biotics Research 3-Step Detox program in late 2011 which has really helped my patients with inflammatory problems and joint pain, but with this new information on how fat may be inappropriately stored in many people this is a new way to regulate and reset the way your body stores fat. The problem […]

Falling down?

I heard that by the time you are 7 years old you have at least 1,000 injuries creating many long-term neurological effects … better pad the floor 🙂 How do you deal with that?  At my office I use neurological testing and re-balancing of  the proprioceptive system use cold-laser therapy and magnets, especially targeting the […]

Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth

Healing through chakra opening yoga exercises from the book “The Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth”.

Decreasing inflammation and acidity in the body.

Reducing inflammation through what you eat.