How to lose weight using a green drink

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So I’m pretty excited to talk about this new subject. I’ve been doing this for several days now and have had several patients also do it. While I’m no longer on the diet sometimes our weight fluctuate up and down a couple pounds, so in order to maintain our way we normally just watch what we eat for a couple days.

I was at the Ideal Protein seminar couple weeks ago which is training for my weight loss program and want to the doctors mentioned a way to get your greens and for the day.

You take one cup of kale 1 cup of spinach 1 cup of cold water put it in a Magic Bullet Blender for a vita-mix until you get a nice green water then I had one of the Ideal Protein packets.

I especially like the mango drinks at the only has one carb and 20 grams of protein. The first day I did this I felt like I had 5 cups of coffee I was a bit jittery that’s one on for a couple of days, I’m assuming my body was detoxing. I did this twice a day and had my main meal at night still had wine and carbs with 8 ounces of lean protein with my dinner I lost 3 pounds in a few days Without Really Trying to and got to my lowest weight.

So if you’re like most people have a hard time getting all your green veggies in try blending them in a protein drink using Ideal Protein packet.

The best part is you can’t even taste spinach or kale.  Ideal Protein Weight Loss