That Red Light – Cold Laser Therapy – as seen on Dancing with the Stars

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I have recently been asked what the deal is with that “red light” “cool laser” or “cold laser” therapy after it was seen being used on Dancing with the Stars. While that is one show I haven’t worked on I find that cold laser therapy is very effective when I work on television shows for some immediate quick relief. That being said it is not some miracle one-use treatment. In my office I use a Class IV (medical use only) cool laser from Apollo laser.

My Apollo laser is 4500 mW or 4.5W laser. This is almost 1000 times stronger than my Erchonia 5mW laser, which costs a cool $15K. But they do some amazing things.

There are two main specifications to look at when getting treatment with cold laser or buying one.

• First is the wavelength, which reflects how deep the laser can penetrate into the body. The one I use most, goes up to 8 or 9 inches into the body but the bulk of the treatment is about at 2 inches.

• The second spec. is the power, the more power the more photons. What’s the difference? Well with the first laser 4.5W the treatment time is no more than 30 to 60 seconds in one area, which would take about 40 minutes on the other laser to get same reduction in inflammation and pain. However, both lasers have their place depending on what you are trying to stimulate and heal.

• The theory behind the laser is that photons can be utilized by the mitochondria, which produce the energy for the cell and help to detoxify the cell, so the photons from the laser stimulate normal function of the cell helping to remove toxins and increase energy.

The main benefits of using cold laser is to reduce pain and inflammation, but there are many other side benefits when using Applied Kinesiology, to test locations and effectiveness of the laser. I have been doing Applied Kinesiology for more than 25 years and this past 3 years using the laser with muscle testing has produced some amazing benefits that even surprised me. Check out our services at