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Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles treats the whole person – physical, chemical and emotional. Blending state of the art technology with Eastern wisdom. As an Applied Kinesiologist he is able to look deeper into body, finding underlying causes to sports and chronic injuries.  INITIAL FORMS

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Chiropractic, Cold Laser Therapy, Healing, Applied Kinesiology and Nutrition - specializing in sports and chronic injuries.


All chiropractors are not alike. There are many techniques and modalities within the Chiropractic profession. Dr. Best, D.C. is a practitioner, teacher and author sought out for his expertise by news and television shows. Find out what makes us unique.
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Dr. Best, D.C., celebrity chiropractor has been seen on many television shows and news agenices for his expertise in healthcare, fitness and weight loss.


Dr. Best, D.C. has been seen nationally and worldwide on Associate Press, Doctor’s Show, Price of Beauty, EXTRA, KTLA News, KCAL News, Fox 11 News, American Health Journal to name a few.
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We carry - Ideal Protein Weight Loss Method -
turn your body into a fat burning machine. This is a mild ketogenic diet program.


We have seen tremendous results with Ideal Protein in losing and keeping the weight off. In addition we offer a unique approach to helping keep the weight off by discovering your inflammatory foods. This may be treated with nutrition.
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Applied Kinesiology

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles | West Hollywood
understands chronic pain.

Award winner

Ken Best, D.C.’s Practice is ranked in the top Los Angeles, CA Chiropractic practices.

Dr. Ken Best, D.C. specializes in neck pain, back pain, sports and extremity injuries. He is known as a celebrity chiropractor and featured in the media for his sports chiropractic and holistic chiropractic expertise on The Doctors, KTLA5 Morning News, Extra, The Associated Press, “The Price of Beauty”, Fox 11 News and KCAL News. Dr. Best, D.C. has been the celebrity chiropractor for many television and movie productions including “24”, “Brothers & Sisters”, “Alias”, “The Changeling”, “Minority Report”, and “Felicity”.

Dr. Best, D.C. utilizes a unique blend of techniques that sets him apart from other chiropractors.
Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles has studied and utilizes more than 10 different chiropractor techniques and blends them together with the use of Applied Kinesiology (AK) for a holistic healing. Applied Kinesiology is a great diagnostic tool to maximize the benefits of any chiropractic technique as well as balancing the meridians (energy lines) of the body typically associated with acupuncture. Treatments are tailored to each individual using AK and apply gentle chiropractic adjustments. Learn more about AK.

Chiropractic, as practiced by Dr. Best chiropractor, is a holistic approach for maintaining optimal health. Proper functioning of the nervous system is predicated upon healthy moving joints to supply information to the brain in order for the body to be able to heal itself on an ongoing basis. “Chiropractic” comes from the Greek word Chiropraktikos, meaning “effective treatment by hand.” Dr. Best chiropractor utilizes a more comprehensive form of chiropractic called Applied Kinesiology, which helps us look deeper into the body to find the underlying causes of dysfunction in the body. More on Applied Kinesiology …

What is a Chiropractor?
Chiropractors diagnose in the same way as medical doctors and study most of the same courses and study a similar number of hours in their education.

A chiropractor will diagnose your condition based upon findings from range of motion, palpation, muscle testing, orthopedic tests and other studies like x-ray or MRI when necessary to further evaluate a condition.

A chiropractor is licensed to treat muscular or skeletal disorders of the spine and the extremities including the shoulders, hands, knees and feet.

A chiropractor addresses your condition by adjustments of the spine and extremities, and when necessary uses physiotherapy such as electrical muscle stimulation, manual therapy, kinetic exercises, ultrasound and infrared to name a few.

Typically a chiropractor will adjust the spine to increase the mobilization of joints that have become dysfunctional. The importance of this is that it reestablishes the joint’s proprioceptive mechanisms so the body can heal itself. Read more on subluxation on the spine.

While a chiropractor may not treat directly some disorders of the body like I.B.S. or asthma, many patients find improvement of many such conditions by facilitating the body to heal itself through chiropractic treatments.

You may seek treatment of a chiropractor directly for conditions such as back pain, neck pain, hip pain, arm or leg pain, headaches, shoulder pain, radiating pain, sharp and shooting pain, frozen shoulder, disc herniation, TMJ syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, knee pain, among others.

A chiropractor can help with many more problems than just aches and pains because chiropractic reduces stress as well as addresses particular injuries. Reducing stress can alleviate an entire gambit of problems including headaches, irritable bowel syndrome, asthma, muscle twitches, stress out-breaks of skin disorders and muscle twitching, chronic fatigue, myofascial problems like fibromyalgia, irritability and depressed moods.

Often people don’t realize chiropractic is able to safely and effectively treat sciatica, disc disorders, shoulder pain, knee pain, rib pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ syndrome, tennis elbow, in addition to the common back pain and neck pain. Dr. Best, D.C. especially finds with AK and chiropractic amazing results working with shoulder and rotator cuff injuries often preventing the need for surgery.

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles and West Hollywood will discuss with you the reasons you are seeking chiropractic care. The first chiropractic consultation usually lasts about an hour and includes diagnosis, orthopedic tests as appropriate and manual muscle testing of the areas affected. The appropriate chiropractic treatment is given based on findings and consent by the patient. Payment is required at the initial chiropractic treatment and evaluation.

Chiropractic/medical billing is provided as a courtesy. Chiropractic initial office forms are available to be filled out prior to your visit. Forms…

Dr. Best Chiropractor has been trained in the Brimhall Chiropractic Wellness protocols which utilizes cold laser therapy from Erchonia and 4W Laser from LZR7. The 4W laser is great for acute and chronic injuries while the Erchonia cold laser up regulates the nervous system, which is one of the main goals of the best chiropractors, by emitting a unique wavelength and specific frequencies that increase cellular communication and healing. Instantaneous changes can be seen through strengthening of previously weakened muscles.

Cellular matrix stimulation and body balancing are among the many benefits laser therapy. Other chiropractic physiotherapy may include: interferential current, percussion, and bio meridian stimulation. For chiropractic patients who prefer more low force adjusting Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor West Hollywood is trained to the use Activator Methods™ adjusting and the IMPAC Adjustor.

Dr. Best chiropractor also provides neuro-emotional technique and theta therapy to balance injuries that have an emotional link.

Applied Kinesiology Los Angeles Chiropractic
Applied Kinesiology is a system developed by chiropractor Dr. George Goodheart, D.C., to study the reaction of the body to muscle stimulus. The chiropractor can find either strong or weak muscles through manual muscle testing. Each muscle has a relationship to various organs and meridians of the body.

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles and West Hollywood can utilize this process to help determine what correction need to be made in order to strengthen the body, whether it is physical, chemical or emotional in its origin. This is not like most chiropractors or other types of practitioners who say they do “muscle testing.” Dr. Best, D.C. is an ICAK certified practitioner of AK. Dr. Best, D.C. has study more than 1,000 hours of this specific technique and has taught hundreds of others chiropractors the practice of AK through the ICAK. Reliability in testing comes with experience. Learn more about AK.

Low-Force Chiropractic Adjusting Los Angeles
Dr. Best Chiropractor Los Angeles and West Hollywood is proficient in many manual chiropractic adjusting techniques, including Diversified, Gonstead, Thompson, but may also use “LOW-FORCE” adjusting (aka non-force). Primarily in low force chiropractic adjusting Dr. Best, D.C. uses the Activator adjustment. Corrections are made possible because all the force from the instrument is applied to a very small specific area of the spine. This provides not only very specific chiropractic adjusting, but does so because the body creates very little resistance to the Activator instrument as mechanoreceptors barely engage, allowing for improved movement in the area being adjusted. Activator Methods is a specific chiropractic technique.
The basic concept and philosophy of chiropractic is to restore normal motion and alignment of the spine and extremities, while improving the muscular strength and integrity of the ligaments which maintain the alignment.

The chiropractor may employ many different techniques to restore and maintain proper joint bio mechanics.
This is so vital as the communication from the brain to body is via the nervous system which is only as good as the proper movement of the joints. The chiropractor evaluates the functioning of your nervous system through motion palpation.
learn more . . .

Energetic Healing Los Angeles Chiropractic
Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor realizes that there are 3 influences in the Triad of Health. Any stress in these three areas: structural, chemical and emotional – can adversely affect a person’s health. Chiropractic adjusting, core building and physiotherapy treat the structure.
Nutritional imbalances and environmental exposure to toxins affect the chemical stress of the body, which in turn can affect the mind. Dr. Best Chiropractor provides personalized nutritional testing.

Meditation, visualization and reconnecting with nature and source are practices that can be used to nurture the mind and spirit.
All elements need to be balanced in the body for perfect health.
Read more about Energy Healing.

Chiropractic Orthotics Los Angeles
Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor, Los Angeles, provides digital foot imprint scanning for customized orthotics from Foot Levelers which help you maintain your chiropractic care. Orthotics can be especially important in sports chiropractic rehabilitation. Foot stabilizers may provide support and balance for the body where chronic injuries in the knees, hips and low back are slow to heal. Nutritional support is also evaluated by the chiropractor in relationship to joint integrity and inflammation. Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles and West Hollywood | Beverly Hills in addition to being a chiropractor has written several books. Dr. Best, D.C.’s newest book from the ‘99-Series of Books’ is “99 Things I Wish I Knew Before Facing Life’s Challenges,”Facing Life’s Challenges Dr. Best Chiropractor Los Angeles this book is a simple and straight-forward look at techniques to the help you to remove the obstacles in your life; to create more of what you want and find more happiness. It is available right now on digital download direct from Amazon.

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles has written the book “Rewriting Your Life – An Owner’s Manual” and created an Online Course, which gives you the tools to help you ‘rewire’ your brain. Often times we can’t stop worrying about the future or rehashing the past which gets in the way of creating what we want in our life. It also may adversely affect our health by the way we think.

As a patient of Dr. Best Chiropractor Los Angeles you will receive a free copy of his book “Facing Life’s Challenges” to teach you how the brain works and how to implement real life changes to create more happiness and better health.

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Experts estimate that as many as 80% of the population will experience back pain at some time in our lives.


Dr. Best Chiropractor Los Angeles has helped thousands of patients regain their health.

We hope to provide you with the best service in uncovering the origins of your pain and discomfort
and help you travel down the path to wellness.

Dr. Best, D.C. has compassion, skill and gives amazing results for total wellness. He not only can get you more flexibility and reduce pain, he can assist you on nutrition and overall sense of inner peace. He has helped me in all of those areas. Highly recommend him!
John L., Life Coach
Dr. Best, D.C.  is fantastic. Unlike traditional chiropractors, he uses different and unique techniques for adjustments but it doesn’t stop there. He goes deeper and takes a holistic approach to helping you achieve overall wellness. I highly recommend him if you are looking for real results.
Chris B., Entrepreneur
Dr. Best, D.C. is wonderful! I’ve been going to him for over 8 years now. I can honestly say he has greatly improved my life. He has more than just helped my back. There have been times I’ve thought no one could help me, and he has. He does so much more than fix backs. He has a very holistic view of health and wellness. Not eating well? Feeling depressed?
Been in a car accident? Talk to Ken. He’s helped me in all of these situations.
Kelly C., CEO


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