Quantum Energy Healing

Have you looked at Quantum Physics?

A great little introduction to quantum physics is the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know” and it explained how something like Thetahealing, meditation and visualization works at the quantum level.

The science shows at this quantum level that even then tiniest particles (photons) react as merely be observed causes them to shift from a wave form to a particle form.

In other words, when under observation, electrons are being “forced” to behave like particles and not like waves.

In energy healing modalities, like thetahealing or reiki, the practitioner becomes the observer focused intent to create balance in the body.


In Eastern healing techniques the flow of energy through the meridians is vital. Dr. Best Chiropractor will assess these energy points and also uses Theta Therapy to unlock core beliefs that may be sabotaging your health.

Living your best life…

Now more than ever, we are living in unprecedented times, which is why it’s so important to take care of your body. We must go further in creating routine around self-care to combat the hidden stressors we are living with. From the Covid virus to civil unrest and the lack of human contact and mobility in our lives. All of this creates a mountain of stress in our body and we need ways to get it out:

1) exercise

2) interpersonal relationships

3) chiropractic/acupuncture

4) nutrition.

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Dr. Best is, as his name attests, the best. He is more than a chiropractor, he is a healer. I’ve been going to him for years, and no matter the issue, I always feel better afterwards. He goes beyond the call of duty.

Dr. Ken is amazing! The first time I went to see him was when I injured my knee to the point that it was difficult to walk and he was able to squeeze me in right away knowing it was an emergency. After my knee healed, I continued to see him 2 to 3 times a month to fix all the problems I had in my body. Everything that I pointed out, he worked on and I have never felt better! I’d definitely recommend him!
After being in constant pain from several auto accidents, after my first visit with Dr Best, the pain decreased a lot. Within a few months I was pain free and have been for over 8 years. A true healer.
Dr. Ken Best is excellent at what he does. His chiropractic skills are second to none. He also is very knowledgeable about holistic studies, nutrition, and healing. I absolutely recommend Dr Best to anyone with back/neck pain, migraines, sports injuries, etc.
Been seeing Ken for years. Unlike most chiropractors who are done with you in 5 minutes (I’ve been to many!), Ken spends plenty of time getting to know you and your body to assess what you need – as he works on you. He uses a variety of state of the art therapeutic techniques, but his best attribute is his caring and highly intuitive approach. He really knows his stuff – integrative and holistic. He loves what he does. He will take care you of and you will come back again and again.
I Give Dr. Best five stars!!!!! I have been looking for a Chiropractor like Dr. Best for a while! Dr. Best is really dedicated to his patients. He takes time and do much more than chiropractic. He does Applied kinesiology (muscle testing) so he can know exactly what is going wrong with you! The staff is also friendly!