KETO Diet – Ideal Protein


What is the Keto Diet?

There are a lot of misconceptions about what is a Keto Diet.  There are so many versions of the “keto diet,” you have to be careful what you do and why your doing it.  Many clients come to me and say the Keto Diet is just eating high animal fats and low carbs.  IT’S NOT.

The Keto Diet itself is simple, but it’s complex in tailoring the diet to do what you want it to do.  Hopefully shed some fat while improving your health.  I have seen incredible weight loss and patients come off of prescription medicines by their physicians because they have returned to a healthy metabolism.  You don’t get that with every version of the Keto Diet, especially not if you are eating high protein and high animal fats.

At our office we utilize Ideal Protein program, because it’s not HIGH protein, it’s just the adequate amount of protein your body needs.  Why is that important?  Because too much, too high of protein is taxing on the body especially if you’re not a body building who needs more protein.  Our program is also NOT HIGH animal fat.  We ask clients to use lean meats and poultry, while utilizing healthier vegetable fats and fat from fish like Salmon.  Omega 3 oils and flax seed oils can help bring down your bad cholesterol and reduce inflammation in the body.

This balance is crucial not just for burning fat but creating a healthier you!


Your first appointment may take up to 1 to 1.5 hours to get you started on the Ideal Protein program.  Please call our office first to get a email breakdown of the cost and how the program works to determine if it is right for you before making an appointment.

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Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program Protocol

This is a 4 Phase Program to help you through every part of losing weight and keeping it off for good. That’s we say this is “your last diet.”

It is a physician monitored program because as your body improves its health you may have to reevaluate medications you may be taking. If you have severe kidney or liver disease you can not be on this program. If you have concerns in this area, the appropriate blood tests will be taken prior to starting this program. I have had patients who have brought their cholesterol and blood pressure back to normal during this program.

The Ideal Protein Weight Loss is based on creating a mild state of ketosis in the body, where the body stops using its glycogen (sugar stores) and uses fat for energy. The liver produces ketones from the breakdown of fat which are then used by the body for energy. This is done by reducing the carbohydrate intake to very specific amount and then providing the body with an adequate amount of protein in order to maintain lean muscle mass.

This ideal diet has a beginning and end. Carbohydrates are not the enemy, it’s certain combinations of foods you can learn how to deal with. We want when you are finished with this program to be able to enjoy all foods.

Dr. Best Chiropractor on Hollywood Trend Report TV on Ideal Protein

Dr. Best Chiropractor on Hollywood Trend Report TV on Ideal Protein Dr. Best Chiropractor appeared on Hollywood Trend Report TV airing on KTLA5 Los Angeles speaking about weight loss and the Ideal Program utilized in his office. Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor’s celebrity clients love the simplicity in implementing this program in a hectic lifestyle.

Your First Visit for Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

On your first visit to our office when inquiring about Ideal Protein, we first have to find out if you qualify to be on the program. There is no diet that is for everyone! Remember dieting is a sacrifice, but it is for a limited time. The more you adhere to a program the faster the result will be. This couldn’t be more true with the Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program. If you give it 100% you should get great results, but if you give it 80% coherence you may get very poor results.

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor on Ideal Protein for Hollywood Trend Report speaking on the Keto Diet.

Watch this video to get an overview of the Ideal Protein program.

… It’s not a short term diet it’s a long term lifestyle change!

What Patients Are Saying About Ideal Protein Weight Loss

Even my celebrity clients love this diet. They could have any program in the world and they are so happy with this program. The process is so well designed it makes it easy to follow once you get past the temptations and emotions surrounding eating. Patients say they love the food so much they want to continue eating it. However, we teach people how to reintegrate back into the world and when necessary compensate for an over indulgence. We want people to enjoy life and enjoy food, but understand how to do that without putting the weight back on.

Dr. Ken Best, D.C. personally lost 25lbs in the first phase in 4 weeks!

What to expect from Ideal Protein Weight Loss Program

  • Quick weight loss without sacrificing muscle mass
  • An understanding of how food affects and is utilized by the body, including what causes fat storage
  • Utilization of fat for energy usually by day 4 — fat (including cellulite) that sequesters chemical toxins
  • Improved energy and appetite control, reduced cravings — usually on day 4 or 5
  • Improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduced blood pressure

Why Having Adequate Protein and Maintaining Lean Muscle Mass Is the Ideal Diet

Lean muscle mass is one the important factors which regulates your metabolism. Protein is vital to your organs and ideal for maintaining your lean muscle mass. A strictly low caloric diet often does not provide adequate amount of protein and during the weight loss lean muscle is used which effectively lowers your metabolism. In other words, when you finish the typical low calorie diet you have to eat less to maintain than before you started, often starting people on the yo yo diet.

Other Conditions We Can Help With
Neck Pain and Whiplash
Many people are afraid of the traditional chiropractic adjustments to the neck . . . don’t worry Dr. Best Chiropractor offers low-force and non-force techniques to reestablish normal movement back into the neck and the entire spine. Adjustments to the neck can are tailored to an individuals needs as well as what they are personally comfortable with. Neck pain is best treated by a chiropractor in the early stages before it becomes degenerative.

Whiplash commonly caused by an auto accident is often ignored by many people thinking the pain and soreness will go away on its own; often the pain will go away but the underlying problem becomes worse over the next few years resulting in degenerative conditions. Serious injuries like a car accident should not be overlooked.
Arthritic Joint Pain
Nutrition can play an important role in reducing symptoms of arthritic joints. The key is to increasing joint flexibility while reducing pain and inflammation with cold laser therapy, and balanced muscular structure around the joint.
Knee injuries and shoulder injuries are common problems where often surgery can be avoided with early treatment. Vibration training may be used to rehabilitate injured joints, ligaments and muscles.
Often a simple sprained ankle left untreated, for example, becomes a “weak link” with re-injury to the area on regular basis. It may also cause favoritism of a limb leading to other injuries and degenerative conditions.
Headaches and Migraines
Tension headaches are the most common headaches helped by a chiropractor. Tension headaches usually arise from trigger points in the muscles behind the neck, at the base of the skull or in the upper back. Activation of these points refer pain which goes up the neck often up and around the base of the head to the eye. Trigger point therapy and adjusting the neck by a chiropractor gives relief to these factors. Migraines and their origin may be more difficult to pinpoint, often arising from emotional, food sensitivity or other allergy triggers. Dr. Best Chiropractor is skilled at finding many of these underlying triggers relieving the the frequency and duration of migraines.
Sports Injuries
Dr. Best Chiropractor specializes in sports injuries and has worked with Olympic and professional athletes to martial artists and personal trainers.

Dr. Best Chiropractor has unique approach to realigning the muscular system and the joints in the extremities through Applied Kinesiology and laser therapy.

Did you know in the shoulder girdle alone there are 17 muscles that have to work in concert with each other or joint pain can easily develop.
Back Pain and Sciatica
You may have never realized how chronic or intermittent back pain can make your life miserable. Chiropractors may help relieve your pain whether it is caused by an acute injury a simple misalignment of the spine. Chiropractic works to treat low back pain that may radiate throughout the spine by finding the treatment that works for you. Chiropractors are licensed to use cold laser therapy for acute pain which is due to inflammation.
Wellness Care During Pregnancy
Did you know that keep your body aligned can make a difference to your physical health and your baby to be? Safe and gentle adjustments during pregnancy may alleviate not only back pain, hip pain, knee pain but reduce the overall stress of being pregnant.


See below what OUR wonderful clients are saying about Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor and how holistic healing can help you.
Rob Bruner
Been seeing Ken for years. Unlike most chiropractors who are done with you in 5 minutes (I’ve been to many!), Ken spends plenty of time getting to know you and your body to assess what you need – as he works on you. He uses a variety of state of the art therapeutic techniques, but his best attribute is his caring and highly intuitive approach. He really knows his stuff – integrative and holistic. He loves what he does. He will take care you of and you will come back again and again.
Jeffrey Marcus

Dr. Best is, as his name attests, the best. He is more than a chiropractor, he is a healer. I’ve been going to him for years, and no matter the issue, I always feel better afterwards. He goes beyond the call of duty.

Michael Bourgeois

I Give Dr. Best five stars!!!!! I have been looking for a Chiropractor like Dr. Best for a while! Dr. Best is really dedicated to his patients. He takes time and do much more than chiropractic. He does Applied kinesiology (muscle testing) so he can know exactly what is going wrong with you! The staff is also friendly!

Jessica May

Dr. Ken is amazing! The first time I went to see him was when I injured my knee to the point that it was difficult to walk and he was able to squeeze me in right away knowing it was an emergency. After my knee healed, I continued to see him 2 to 3 times a month to fix all the problems I had in my body. Everything that I pointed out, he worked on and I have never felt better! I’d definitely recommend him!

Landall Goolsy

After being in constant pain from several auto accidents, after my first visit with Dr Best, the pain decreased a lot. Within a few months I was pain free and have been for over 8 years. A true healer.

Dustin Dudley

Dr. Ken Best is excellent at what he does. His chiropractic skills are second to none. He also is very knowledgeable about holistic studies, nutrition, and healing. I absolutely recommend Dr Best to anyone with back/neck pain, migraines, sports injuries, etc.