13 03, 2018

Knee Pain In Sports Injury Rehabilitation

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Knee Pain in Sports Injury How do I treat a knee pain? Typically I find knee pain pretty easy to work with because the limited planes that the knee works in. There are also several muscles that have to support the function of the knee. Any dysfunction of these muscles can result in knee pain. First, we need to rule out major soft tissue or ligamentous injuries, i.e. no major tears in the meniscus, anterior/posterior cruciate ligaments, medial and collateral ligaments. This can be done via orthopedic testing and if necessary and MRI. How does Applied Kinesiology help knee pain? In our office, after assessing the magnitude of the knee injury, if appropriate [...]

18 05, 2017

Exercises for Back Pain – Youth and Vitality

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Hi, I wanted to talk to you about some exercises for back pain that I give my patients on a regular basis, to improve their spinal flexibility. They are good especially for the lumbar spine and thoracic spine, as well as the cervical spine. There are 2 basic exercises that I have found particularly useful: Down Dog into Up Dog and a modified Camel Pose. Down Dog into Up Dog You want to perform 11 repetitions 2 times per day. You start on all fours, with your hands, knees and feet at shoulder’s width apart. While keeping the arms straight (but not hyper-extended) look towards your knees as you raise your butt into the [...]

2 05, 2017

Walk with better posture!

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How to Walk with Better Posture There are numerous tricks to walk with better posture, so here's one of the simplest things you can do to improve your posture when walking. The first thing to realize is what you may be doing incorrectly in the first place. The Pull of Gravity Walking Most of us don't realize that we tend to fall into our step.  We let gravity pull us forward but it also pulls us down into the ground as we fall into our step.  This makes for a very heavy step, more shock going into the legs and the low back for that matter.  We start to hunch forward from our head [...]

19 09, 2016

Today I Really Love

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Today I Really Love Why is difficult to say I love you? I was pacing in the kitchen making coffee remunerating over last-night's game with friends.  Wherein, we had to say a quality we liked about the other person. And today I was thinking why is so difficult for me to give complements, which in turned made me ask myself the question of why is hard for me to say ‘I love you.’   So I thought this is a good topic to look at from a Theta-Therapy perspective. I was testable using my finger-O-ring muscle test.  So, let’s  begin.  First I tested to see if it was difficult to say ‘I love you.’  And [...]

19 02, 2015

Knee sports injury and applied kinesiology

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When testing for any sports injury there are many complex relationships in the muscles surrounding the knee and the hip area in addition we cannot forget and there may be some imbalance through the hips that can create more stress at the knee. Also if we are carrying extra weight - 5 extra pounds of body fat could cause up to 40 pounds of extra pressure at the knee. Some of the main culprits when muscle testing the knee are the popliteus muscle which lies behind the knee and allows the knee to lock; in cases where it is weak it may cause hyperextension of the knee which could cause anterior joint pain. Also [...]

2 10, 2013

That Red Light – Cold Laser Therapy – as seen on Dancing with the Stars

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I have recently been asked what the deal is with that "red light" "cool laser" or "cold laser" therapy after it was seen being used on Dancing with the Stars. While that is one show I haven't worked on I find that cold laser therapy is very effective when I work on television shows for some immediate quick relief. That being said it is not some miracle one-use treatment. In my office I use a Class IV (medical use only) cool laser from Apollo laser. My Apollo laser is 4500 mW or 4.5W laser. This is almost 1000 times stronger than my Erchonia 5mW laser, which costs a cool $15K. But they do some [...]

10 05, 2013

how important is breath to detoxify the body

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Breathing is more important to optimal help than you think.  how are waste are limited by the body in the following percents: 3% by the bowel, 7% by urine, 20% by the skin, and 70% by breathing and exhaled water vapor. it's no wonder so many yoga techniques focus on breathing.  breathing being both voluntary and involuntary has many significant functions other than just bringing oxygen into a blood.  the breathing mechanism is also involved and cerebral spinal fluid movement has the cranium and sacrum move as you breathe. Chiropractic Yoga and other sorts of movements are important to remove restrictions in the cranium and sacrum to maintain the flow from breathing. Dr. Ken [...]

10 05, 2013

lost 40 pounds in 10 weeks

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Just shout out and congratulations to my patient Negin who has now lost 40 pounds and 10 weeks, she lost the first twenty eight pounds in only 5 weeks!  For more information on the Ideal Protein weight loss Los Angeles go the www.theideal or check out weight loss at