“I Am At Peace” Meditation

Close your eyes and begin with the phrase “I am at peace.” Once this meditation is practiced correctly several times, it works as a type of biofeedback mechanism. The phrase “I am at peace” signals your body to return to the state of relaxation previously developed by your use of this technique.

Step 1

Say the phrase “I am at peace” to yourself three times while taking deep breaths.  Realize that at this moment you are more at peace than you were just five minutes ago. Let your body relax and begin to feel heavy but comfortable.

Step 2

Focus your attention on a part of your body, have the intention to allow that part to feel heavy and relaxed, when you have a sense of feeling heaviness and relaxation, say to yourself, “My body is heavy and relaxed.”

Step 3

Begin with your right hand.  Keep your mind focused on the feeling in your right hand, saying to yourself that your hand is heavy and relaxed.  Intend to feel it become heavy and relaxed.  When you feel your hand becoming more heavy and relaxed, move your attention to your wrist and repeat Step 2.  After you feel the heaviness of the particular body part you are focused on, move on to the next adjacent body part and repeat Step 2.  The order I follow is: right hand, wrist, forearm, arm and shoulder, and then the left side.  Then move to behind the neck, the back of the head, your forehead, eyebrows (these hold a lot of tension), the front of your face, the front of your neck, down the front of the chest and abdomen, down the front of the thighs, the legs, the tops of the feet; then move down the upper back, lower back and buttocks; then the back of the thighs, calves and the soles of your feet.

Step 4

Next, repeat Step 3 but instead of focusing your attention on heaviness and relaxation, feel the particular body part being warmed and relaxed.  Follow the feeling throughout your entire body.

Step 5

Focus your attention on your breathing. Feel it slow down and become steady and effortless.

Step 6

Focusing on your body, maintain the intention to slow your heart rate and other body systems so that you are deeply and completely relaxed.

Listen – relax & meditate with this audio file.