Walk with better posture!

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How to Walk with Better Posture

There are numerous tricks to walk with better posture, so here’s one of the simplest things you can do to improve your posture when walking. The first thing to realize is what you may be doing incorrectly in the first place.

The Pull of Gravity Walking

Most of us don’t realize that we tend to fall into our step.  We let gravity pull us forward but it also pulls us down into the ground as we fall into our step.  This makes for a very heavy step, more shock going into the legs and the low back for that matter.  We start to hunch forward from our head and shoulders, rounding out our lower back.  After years of doing this we’re marching into the grave.

The Correction

The simplest thing to do is imagine there is a string attached to the middle of your chest giving you a slight tug upwards against gravity, this keeps us from just falling into our step.  It keeps our upright visual stabilizers working properly (the righting reflex – which corrects us when we are taken out of normal upright position).

As you walk continue to feel this slight lift up from the chest. You should feel as though you are walking so much lighter on your feet and more like gliding forward.  The more you make this a habit, the more natural this state becomes.  A good cue to pay attention to is when your legs feel tired while walking you’ve probably been falling forward into your step making your legs work harder and taking on more shock absorption.  Shift and feel that chest lift as you continue walking and see if they begin to feel less tired.

Give it a try and stick to it.

Muscle Weakness Affecting Posture

Muscles turn on and off all the time in the body.  The inappropriate turning off of muscle can create imbalance and make it difficult to have good posture in general and especially walking posture.

Through Applied Kinesiology Dr. Best, D.C. may find these imbalances and correct them making it much easier for the body to realign into the proper posture.

P.S.  Texting and walking is not a good idea. It causes the same problem of falling forward because your head is leaning forward and down to look at the phone.  If you have to walk and text, elevate the phone at least a foot out from your belly button and a bit higher to maintain better posture.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]