Healing Myself of Prostate Cancer

Healing Myself of Prostate Cancer

Apparently I have prostate cancer according to my urologist. He had wanted me to do a biopsy several months ago after we ruled out other possible causes of high PSA associated with low PSA% level, which already put me at a 56% risk level of having cancer. In addition to my father having had prostate cancer, he said I was dealt a bad deck of cards. He wasn’t happy that I refused the current standard biopsy method and that I was at high risk for not being around if I did nothing. I explained that I wasn’t happy with the risks associated with getting the biopsy; urosepsis infection, impotency, spreading of cancer (rare), and urinary incontinence. I explained I had worked with my father who had prostate cancer, a positive biopsy, with a PSA over 25. I worked with my father through nutrition and immune system support. He returned to a normal PSA without medical intervention. I indicated to the urologist that I would first like to see if I can normalize my numbers without medical intervention.

At this point I had become very frustrated because I was trying to find some other blood test, which detects a dozen different cancers, but I couldn’t find any lab in Los Angeles that would process the blood testing kit. I also heard of MRI fusion Ultrasound and PCA3 test, but also couldn’t get my urologist to find me a location. This meant I had to Google around to see if I could find a place. 5 months later I think I located one doctor at Cedars that performs this special type of MRI. This would tell me the size any tumors and confirm the diagnosis of prostate cancer. Prior to this, the other tests have ruled out other possible causes of elevated PSA, i.e. infection, inflammation, etc.

Surprisingly after speaking with a few of my friends and patients about having prostate cancer, I decided to write this blog. First because of misinformation out there and secondly that I stay proactive in my care as already 5 months have gone by. It’s easy to get wrapped up in daily life and put some important things on the backburner.
Since the onset of this information 5 months ago, I have had some ups and downs in response to PSA and estrogen levels when starting and stopping various supplement regimes. I will outline nutritional information in different posts as I start from the beginning in case this information is helpful for other men.

There seems to be a lot of controversy with treating cancer from a holistic basis, especially with the death of Steve Jobs from pancreatic cancer. I have no intention on waiting too long to have medical intervention. If it was my doctor’s choice they would have already done surgery, etc. I am writing this blog in particular to dispel some myths around holistic treatment of prostate cancer in particular.

I am not a medical doctor and not suggesting this as any sort of replacement treatment. I am a holistic chiropractor that looks more for the cause of what is causing dysfunction in the body. In my particular situation I have high levels of mercury and uranium upon testing and nutritional deficiencies.


READ DISCLAIMER. I am not advising anyone to self-treat cancer. I’m an only outlining the steps I have been taking in getting diagnosed and my own path on alternative/holistic treatment of dysfunction in the body. If this happens to have cancer go into remission then great! I am still consulting a licensed medical doctor – oncologist during this process.

The Basics on Prostate Cancer

Over 26,000 men die per year from prostate cancer. 1 in 7 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at sometime during their life. 60% of cases are with men 65 an older so leaves 40% being under the age of 65 but rarely under the age of 40. I was surprised thinking I’m only 57 how can I have prostate cancer already. I said that to a friend of mine who personally has 4 friends between 55 and 65 with have had prostate surgery for cancer.

The good news is most men do not die from prostate cancer when diagnosed. There is almost 3 million men alive today with prostate cancer. 4 out of 5 prostate cancers are found in the early stage – Local Stage, and when treated have a 99% 5 year survival rate, and up to 96% for 15 years post treatment. Even Regional stage is relatively good 5 year survival rate. Once cancer becomes Distant stage and distant lymph nodes, bones or organs are involved it drops to 29% survival rate for 5 years.

Getting Screened for Prostate Cancer

The point is get checked early. Men get tested over 50 years old with a simple PSA test , which is only around $20. Prostate cancer is rarely discussed even though next to skin cancer it’s the most common form of cancer in men.

I personally had no signs or issues. I was going to try a new supplement and vendor had given me for increasing growth hormone naturally. According to their research they had phenomenal results. So I waited for a month because I wanted to run a blood panel on myself to see where my testosterone was before starting the supplement. At the last minute, I thought to also get my PSA tested, expecting everything to be normal.

Much to my surprise I had several abnormal blood results, which I will discuss in following posts, but my PSA was 8.8 (4 is the max) and my estrogen was high, which is not a great combination. So I went off my supplements for 2 weeks abstained from working out and sexual activities, as they can give a false high PSA. My next test I ran went up to 9.6 and PSA percent at 6%, which already dropped me in the 56% chance of having prostate cancer.

In following posts, I will discuss:
• What I did next
• Why I believe I can heal myself of prostate cancer
• What nutrition appeared to have the best results
• What MDs had to say from research on what improved cancer remissions
• What I learned I was doing wrong
• What nutrition you can take to help prevent cancer
• What I am looking into medically should the time come for more aggressive treatment