Discovering and Healing Prostate Cancer – Part 1

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Discovering and Healing Prostate Cancer – Part 1

The discovery of prostate cancer was by accident, now it’s time to get serious about holistically healing prostate cancer in myself.  I feel great and have no signs or symptoms of anything wrong. I was delivered a sample kit to test a new supplement, which had research to show very favorable improvements in stimulating natural growth hormone. It seemed a little too good to be true, but they had research to back it up. I decided to do my own research and see if I saw before and after improvements in my blood work. As usual I put it off for about a month and then decided I really wanted to try this product so I schedule myself for a fairly in depth blood panel. A panel I usually use with weight loss patients as it tests inflammatory markers, male and female hormones, CBC, thyroid function, amongst others. At the last minute I decided to also check my PSA. PSA = prostate specific antigen – so if there is issues with the prostate the number goes up. This could be anything from inflammation, infection, direct stimulation, ejaculation, chronic low grade infections, benign prostatic hypertrophy and cancer. I had the blood test on 04/04/17.

Prior to the test about 2 weeks earlier. I was sitting in my car thinking about injuries I have had and how I ended up learning more about how to heal these problems with my patients. Then a little voice in my head had a conversion that I would have to have cancer in order to be able to show that I can heal myself of cancer. Quickly I said to my brain – “cancel, cancel, cancel – we don’t need to go down that road.” First, I don’t treat or work with cancer patients as it is not my scope of practice, so it made no sense from that perspective as well. I forgot about it and left it alone.

When I got my results back it was not conclusive for cancer, but because the PSA was 8.8 and my Estrogen was high, it didn’t look good. I had a gut feeling that wasn’t good, but tried to ignore it.

Going in to do the blood panel, I was in a ketogenic state because I had started my diet program to lose 5lbs, as I had just been on vacation and gained a few pounds. I thought maybe this messed up my tests and so I decided for the next test on 4/10/17 to retest my ‘out of range’ tests: total cholesterol, LD, Estradiol, PSA
Total. Before the test I stopped all my supplements, refrained from working out and sexual activity. It is required to have no sexual activity at least one week prior to taking a PSA test.

I added Free PSA to this next test as it gives a percentage of probability for having prostate cancer. Much to my surprise my PSA went up almost a whole point in a week to 9.7 and % free PSA was 6L – which put me in a 56% probability of having prostate cancer. That was a surprise! I was a little bummed, I had hoped the numbers would have dropped.

So if you have a high PSA you need to still rule out other possible causes e.g. infection, prostatitis, inflammation, benign prostatic hypertrophy – this would be checked against DRE (digital rectal exam). After ruling out other possible cases for an elevated PSA, a repeated test with % free PSA to check for risk evaluation of prostate cancer. There is a newer blood test evaluation called a 4K Score for prostate cancer which you can ask your doctor about; it combines four prostate specific biomarkers to measure the risk for aggressive prostate cancer.

What to do next with Prostate Cancer

I found myself in very unusual place – not wanting to self-diagnose myself with prostate cancer. So I went to my primary care physician who confirmed my opinion and referred me to urologist. In my insurance plan I had to wait another month before I could see if I was approved to go and then make an appointment.

In the meantime I decided to look up what supplements I had my father taking for his prior prostate cancer several years ago. His PSA had dropped from 25 to within normal limits of a course of months. I found his chart and began taking most of the same supplements. I ran my blood work again while I was waiting to meet with the urologist and I was happy to find that my Estradiol now was in a normal range. My PSA also significantly dropped to 7.1.

I thought well this was a good result. During this time I was also taking supplements for leaky gut syndrome and decided I should stop taking those to see what effect they have on my PSA.

Background History Prior to Prostate Cancer

15 years earlier I had run a hair analysis on myself and found my toxic levels were through the roof on many heavy metals. I had especially high levels of mercury, uranium, aluminum and cadmium. As mercury has the potential to cause many issues including tumors, I embarked on a year of detoxing. That year I did 10 master cleanses – I did not eat for more than 100 days that year while doing this cleanse. During the same time frame I also did 6 liver gallbladder flushes – the first of which almost sent me to the hospital – I was so toxic. I also replaced all my amalgam fillings to remove mercury. I DO NOT RECOMMEND DOING THIS CLEANSE THIS MANY TIMES!

When I retested my heavy metals they had all dropped significantly, but also it caused a deficiency in several good minerals including magnesium, which is important to discuss later.

However, a few years later, my mercury and uranium levels continued to be high. My other heavy metals continued to drop. I was a concerned at the time to see my mercury was so high. I dramatically reduced my intake of Tuna. As a Pescatarian, I had started eating more fish to get protein, primarily Tuna and Salmon. I also was confused where uranium was coming from. Turns out organic uranium is in the Los Angeles basin and water source. My filter system removed 99% of contaminants but not uranium. Later I discovered that under a crown on my tooth, I had an old amalgam filling that the dentist said was degraded and leaching into my body. A month ago, I had test another hair sample with very high mercury and uranium, which I plan to use homeopathic remedies and supplements to reduce this toxicity.

Daily News: “Uranium, for example, is a naturally occurring element — one that can raise the risk of kidney ailments and cancer if consumed long-term at high levels.” … “In the region that includes Los Angeles, the most common contaminants at high levels were solvents such as those used in dry-cleaning, nitrates associated with fertilizer, and naturally occurring elements like uranium, arsenic and manganese.”

In January 2017 I was exposed to toxic mold and had to be on an inhaler. I used ADP, dry oil of oregano, to help resolve the issue, but I felt that this mold exposure triggered the problems with the prostate.

Why I believe I can heal myself of prostate cancer

Having worked with Vianna Stibal in Thetahealing I have seen many transformational healings in people from MS to cancer. I was able to witness and support my father in his healing from esophageal cancer and prostate cancer; both without medical intervention. He was given less than a 30% survival rate for esophageal cancer even if he had his esophagus removed and received chemo or radiation. These many healings and my outlook of what cancer is has given me the belief of being able to heal cancer in my own body. Some friends think I’m too calm about it. But in a recent seminar on cancer I attended, they stated a peaceful state of mind is important, a stressful state of mind can potentiate the growth of cancer 10 fold. So stay calm and centered if you discover cancer, don’t be an alarmist – seek the best treatments possible.

Healing prostate cancer:  From the very beginning I thought well if it is cancer I can heal myself. When my numbers began going the wrong direction – I’ll be honest I got a little worried whether I was doing the right thing.

I think there is a place for western medicine and holistic medicine and finding the right blend of them is important. If I feel I have run out of options with holistic medicine I will explore western medicine.

Supplements I was taking initially to support the immune system and reduce estrogen: [this has changed slightly to a more researched plan from the holistic cancer seminar I went to]
• ALA CR – a controlled release alpha lipoic acid – controlled release formula. Controlled release is important to maintain substantial levels of ALA. Otherwise it has been processed by your body in less than an hour. ALA is known for it’s incredible antioxidant ability and support to the liver to produce more glutathione. ALA is also has an anti-inflammatory effect by blocking the production of PG2 which is an inflammatory hormone. I had been taking this regularly for the last couple of years, for it’s anti-cancer properties but also noticed I rarely get sore from working out while taking it.
• Zinc – I was taking this to block testosterone from be aromatized into estrogen
• Vitamin D3 – I was taking this to block testosterone from be aromatized into estrogen
• S-Acetyl Glutathione – I was taking this as I felt my father was using Glutathione thru an inhaler and I had felt that was a major ingredient into his prostate cancer having spontaneous remission. This form is said to be absorbable for because it is acetylated. I have read since this may not be a good supplement to taking while having cancer, but better as a preventative supplement, since it protects cells it may also protect cancer cells. Ultimately I removed this from my daily supplements.
• Boron – 10 mg day – reduction of aromatizing testosterone into estrogen; increases free testosterone and testosterone
• Magnesium
• Grape fruit seed extract
• Saw palmetto with pumpkin seed
• I stopped taking my workout supplements: L-Arginine and testo-Plex and Calcium

This a list of single nutrients that may have beneficial effects with the immune system or prostate cancer, which was given to me by a holistic MD.


1) Black cumin – 2 twice a day
2) Lycopene 10mg – 3 daily
3) Tocotrienols – 1 a day
4) Berberine 500mg – 1 three times a day
5) Boron 3mg – 1 daily
6) MacuGuard with Astaxanthin – 1 twice a day
7) Honokiol 2 two to three times a day
8) Reishi – 3 twice a day
9) Milk thistle powder 3-6gm
10) Vitex
11) Red yeast
12) Kava
13) Chrysin
14) Melatonin
15) Ubiquinol 400mg
16) Quercetin in inflammatory
17) Cell Guardian
18) Aspirin
19) Boswellia
20) Green tea extract
21) Pomegranate
22) Artemis Plus

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