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The word “DIET” has become a bad word since it has become associated with losing weight through some restricted program.  Many “fad diets” have come and gone throughout the years without any real lasting benefits mostly because persons never learn what a healthy diet is for them.  Diet refers to the foods regularly consumed by a person or animal, and maintaining a healthy weight has to do with your regular intake of food (daily diet).Dr. Best Ideal Protein on HTR TV

At Dr. Best Sports and Holistic Chiropractic practice the Ideal Protein Method is integral part to achieving optimal weight and health.  Client education with Ideal Protein is what makes the program so successful not just for losing weight but keeping it off.   Many women and men have lost more than 50lbs on The Ideal Weight Loss program and to their great relief have been able to keep it off. Our clients are able to take away from this program the tools to enjoy their lives, have the foods they want to eat and maintain a healthy weight in the process.


Losing weight for most people is a challenge and keeping it off is an even bigger task.  It takes real focused effort and involves some sacrifice to lose weight.  Once we accept that and are willing to put forth the effort necessary then finding the right method is the next step.

Most people join the gym in hopes that they will lose weight.  While working out is necessary for many healthy body functions it has very little to do with weight loss.  Running a marathon, for example, the average person will burn less calories than the energy produced in one pound of body fat.  Exercising alone without a diet program will make it very difficult to lose fat.  To burn fat you basically have to trick the body otherwise your body will look for stored glucose or even break down muscle into glucose (sugar).  Losing weight for most individuals is 70% to 90% diet.

Patients in our office ask about diets and losing weight frequently and until using Ideal Protein products we never had a good consistent program that we could offer.  Previously we had a good program to burn fat that used real food in very specific ratios to cause a mild ketogenic state, ketogenic = fat when broken down by liver produces ketones which are used by the body for energy when glucose is unavailable.  The second phase of this program was the real key, which Dr. Best still incorporates into our weight loss program and that is figuring out what foods cause inflammation in your body – ultimately triggering rapid weight gain.  This is one area that sets us apart from other weight loss clinics and makes it easier to maintain your weight loss when followed.

The biggest problem with this ‘real-food’ program is that it was difficult to do and maintain for busy people, and who isn’t busy these days.  That’s where Ideal Protein came into the picture.  Dr. Best tried Ideal Protein losing 28lbs in 4.5 weeks without any exercise, and found it so much easier because the products made the process simple and sustainable.   Even Dr. Best’s celebrity clients have found it easy to use while on the go traveling and with hectic production schedules.


Dr. Best has experienced the yoyo effect of going up and down 30lbs in body weight before he learned about his inflammatory foods and Ideal Protein.   Many people are afraid to go on ‘another diet’ because they have always experienced gaining the weight back.  That being said, this can be your last diet, because you look at food differently after the education process and understanding what works for you.  Healing your gut and finding out what your inflammatory foods are is a big piece to the puzzle of maintaining this new healthy weight.  This program is not just about losing weight – it is about changing your physiology and improving your long-term health.

In The Ideal Weight Loss program clients in phase 1 use Ideal Protein foods to lose all the weight they need while being in mild-ketogenic or ‘fat burning’ state which helps to preserve your lean muscle mass to keep a strong metabolism while burning fat.  [Strictly low-calorie diets can cause you to lose lean muscle mass and reduce your metabolism.]   The second phase integrates more calories into your diet.  During the third phase we add major carbohydrates back into your daily food intake; at this point in the program Dr. Best will show you the key to discover which foods create inflammation in your body.

The best part is when you go on vacation or have an over indulgence that takes you a little over your ideal weight, you have simple tools to implement right away so you never have to go back on a strict diet for several weeks.

Please contact our office at https://drkenbest.com/ideal_protein_weight_loss for more information.  Our office in West Hollywood, serving Beverly Hills and Los Angeles. Dr. Best has been seen on numerous television shows for his expertise in weight loss and holistic health care; The Doctors Show, Associated Press, HTR TV, TV Guide – Television, EXTRA and American Health Journal.