Today I Really Love

Today I Really Love Why is difficult to say I love you? I was pacing in the kitchen making coffee remunerating over last-night's game with friends.  Wherein, we had to say a quality we liked about the other person. And today I was thinking why is so difficult for me to give complements, which in [...]

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Biggest Loser Weight Loss Controversy

New York Times Biggest Loser Weight Loss Controversy. Contests regaining all the weight they lost and more!  Why does their metabolism slow down from this type of dieting? Why You Can't Lose Weight on a Diet You may have read how diets cause people's metabolism to slow down causing them to gain more weight easily. [...]

Get Your Body Into Fat-Burning Mode

Chiropractic and healing has always been my passion, and many of my patients ask me to help with their overall wellness and weight issues as well. I'm happy to say I have found a solution that makes Ideal Protein your last diet. Here is a video that explains it all: 1. Why sugar is the [...]

Knee sports injury and applied kinesiology

When testing for any sports injury there are many complex relationships in the muscles surrounding the knee and the hip area in addition we cannot forget and there may be some imbalance through the hips that can create more stress at the knee. Also if we are carrying extra weight - 5 extra pounds of [...]

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Healing on ManyLevels.

Healing occurs on many levels. Physical, chemical and emotional healing are just a few. Send us a request for any blog topic of interest to you on healing.