Fertility and Wellness Care During Pregnancy

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Fertility and Wellness Care During Pregnancy

It’s been an amazing journey to say the least working with women who had fertility issues and helping women stay healthy during pregnancy while optimizing the whole birthing process.

I was lucky to be given most of the pregnant woman who came to clinic during my internship at Cleveland Chiropractic College. One of the best notable results was less pain, less discomfort and faster delivery experiences. Interestingly most of these women were having their first baby, which frequently results in longer labor time periods. Most my patients reported less than a couple of hours of labor and enjoyed the delivery process.

Having this early experience in my holistic chiropractic career, I felt very comfortable working with pregnant women. During one summer, I had a half dozen women come in within a couple of months of each other, some referring the others, who were having difficulty conceiving. Each woman had already been to see a medical specialist in fertility. Everything that could be done was already being done. I would use muscle testing to check all the organ lymphatic reflexes to make sure there wasn’t an issue there, then we looked at using muscle testing to see if there were belief systems (core emotions) that were possibly affecting their ability to get pregnant. These women ages ranged from 38 to 45. Most had tried hormone therapy and/or in-vitro, with no success.

Core Emotional Beliefs Affecting Pregnancy

Not surprisingly several core issues became apparent with each woman. There was no consistent thread among that was obvious. Typically I would start with simple questions and test to see if their body agreed or disagreed with the statement. For instance:

I want to be mother.

It’s safe for me to have a baby.

I know how to have a baby.

I know how to get pregnant.

I am stopping myself from becoming pregnant.

These are just a few of the basic statements I would test.

One of the simplest, but profound cases, was a woman who had several basic beliefs show up, which we then cleared. I couldn’t find anything else show up within that first visit. I had a strong intuitive feeling that was all she needed, and I had an impression of a baby girl and baby boy around her. This is not a common event for me, but I said “I think that’s it for you, I also have a feeling your going to have twins a boy and girl.” She went home and told her husband. A few months later she called me to say she was pregnant with twins (a boy and girl).

Fortunately, every woman in that first group did get pregnant after clearing their limiting beliefs around pregnancy. One patient in particular took longer than the average and when we were finally done, again I had that feeling that she was going to get pregnant and told her that. She was going in for in-vitro, which failed a month later and it was going to be her last attempt. I was oddly surprised because I really felt she was going to get pregnant. A year later I was treating her friend (who I had also worked with to get pregnant) and I had commented I was surprised her friend didn’t get pregnant. She then said “oh she got pregnant a few months later and has a baby boy. J

Treating Pregnancy and Infertility from a Holistic Perspective

The idea with treating any situation from a Holistic perspective is to look at the triangle of health – physical/structure, chemical/nutrition and emotional/mental.

Physically or structurally during pregnancy it’s easier for the spinal alignment to be effected and jamming of the lumbar facets due to the physical changes that happen during pregnancy. These lumbar facets are the area nerve roots travel through. Lack of movement in this area can not only cause pain but may interfere with the normal nervous system communication that is supporting the health and wellbeing of you and the fetus. Staying adjusted every couple of weeks during pregnancy may help to reduce or eliminate painful episodes as well as facilitate optimal health.

Mental, emotional, spiritual aspects are also important areas to support during pregnancy, but even more so prior to getting pregnant, in order to address issues before it becomes a problem.

Nutrition and reducing toxic exposures are also essential to the development of the fetus as well as optimal health for the expectant mother.

Why is Back Pain So Common During Pregnancy?

The extra body weight and other changes in pregnancy in addition to these loosened joints and ligaments can cause discomfort and even lead to injury and back pain during pregnancy.

The benefits of wellness care during pregnancy extend beyond just taking a few extra supplements. A lot of changes go on in the woman’s body, as the fetus is undergoing more metabolic and growth changes.

Keeping the spine mobile allows for proper communication to the rest of the organs and muscles, especially later in pregnancy when the hormones relaxin and progesterone relax muscles and loosen ligaments and joints, especially in the pelvic area.  Information of safe gentle adjustments.

Low force adjusting is easily received and helps mobility, reduces pain and stimulates normal communication between the fetus and expecting mother. Weekly or bi-monthly visits can be sufficient to have optimal health and function for both.   I have worked with expecting mothers up to two weeks before delivery using side lying non-force adjustments and massage.

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