Ancient Secrets of the Fountain of Youth

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Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor Los Angeles held classes using the “Ancient Secrets of the Fountain Youth” .

What I like about these exercises is that beyond the energetic balancing the body, they can really help heal the body by improving range of motion and circulation especially with regard to low and mid back injuries.

The 5 rites can be found in Peter Kelder’s book of the same name.

The first rite  is spinning in and clockwise direction.  Arms are stretched out to the sides and parallel to the floor.  Start spinning clockwise while keeping your focus on your right thumb pointed up.  Goal 11 to 21 reps.  Turn at a speed that is comfortable for you and don’t rush.  When finished place hands palm together like a prayer pose at the base of the sternum close your eyes and feel the spin inside your body and feel the energy move up through all your chakras.

2nd Rite:  Start in downward dog, then breathe in and move into upward dog, flow with your breath, don’t hold it, and then breathe out as  you move back into downward dog and repeat.  Goal:  11 to 21 reps. (an odd number preferred for all exercises)

3rd Rite:  While kneeling upright with the body, place chin on chest, breathe in and as you do so, move your head back into an arch while opening the chest up towards the sky.  The arch is opening through the thoracic region, not the lumbar.  Hands support you by being placed on the back of your thighs.  Really pinch the scapulas backward and down to open up the heart chakra.  From the arch back position breathe out and return to the starting position and repeat.  Goal:  11 to 21 reps.

Take rest in child’s pose, this is good counter pose to the previous to extension exercises.  Rest there for 30 to 60 seconds.

4th rite:  Table pose:  start seated with legs out straight and body in 90 degree position and the hands next to the buttock, fingers forward, close to the greater trochanter.  As you breathe in head come back to neutral position as the hips rise up and the knees go into a 90 degree position to the lower legs and thighs (forming a table) arms also 90 degrees to the body.  Breathe out and return starting position.  Goal 11 – 21 reps.

5th rite:  If you have a hot, painful low back or disc problem, use the modified position (I always use the modified position, which is the knees slightly bent).  Start lying flat arms at the side hands palm down and next to buttocks or slight under them if necessary.  Raise the head to bring your chin to the chest, then breathe in as you raise the legs up and preferably over the head, bring the feet over the head.  You can use arm push to help you.  Bent knees if you have a low back problem, or omit this until your back feels strong enough to handle this exercise.

Breathe out and return to the starting position and rest head on floor.  Always remember to  bring chin to chest before starting.  Goal:  11 to 21 reps.

That finishes the 5 rites.  For more about the chakras and energy healing visit my other site: for the many levels of healing the mind body and soul.