How To Prevent Cognitive Decline as You Get Older

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How to Prevent Cognitive Decline as You Get Older??

I have been particularly invested in this question since my mom died of Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 69 (1996).

Many years ago I did hair analysis on myself and found I was loaded with toxic metals, mostly aluminium and mercury of the charts.  I was a bit shocked having been a vegetarian since 1985.  Where did I get all these heavy metals and what to do about?  That first year I did 10 master cleanses and 6 liver gallbladder flushes.  [I didn’t eat for approx. 120 days that year.]  I know a little bit extreme.  The good news is my heavy metal toxicity dropped in half and continued dropping over the next several years . . . except for mercury.  That’s a long story, but I finally found hidden under a broken crown was a large broken amalgam filling I was told was leaching into my system (mercury), removal dropped mercury down to the low yellow range.

Since all that I have still been concerned with preventing Alzheimer’s and cognitive decline (as many of my patients are concerned) as I noticed a couple of years ago dropping words and inserting other irrelevant words into conversations I was having.  With previous background in mind, I was a bit concerned.  One thing that stopped that was taking Phenatropic (which had phenabute, which FDA has banned) from Biotics.  Sold more as a sleep-aid (take 2) it was known for being used with cosmonauts to be more relaxed and focused in space, as it helped naturally to produce more GABA in the brain (which quits the brain – ‘focus’).  I took 1 every morning for 2 weeks and the speech pattern cleared and didn’t come back.  Wow!

I was recently at a seminar with Xymogen (think ‘hi-tech’ patented formulations) talking about their newest patented formula Opti Mag Neuro – designed to cross the blood brain barrier and showed us studies of mice with Alzheimer’s gene giving the supplement, how their life span was extended beyond the control group of mice who didn’t have the gene.  My ears definitely perked up!

Now you can have access to testing that was developed for the Army – i.e. PTSD and stress at war – in relationship to cognitive decline.  This test has more applications than just cognitive decline (heart health, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc.).

This new test combines neuro-cognitive feedback live through an internet based test and analysis of blood structure with the Omega 3 Index test. Analysis of this testing then looks at relevant nutrient deficiencies to recommendation of supplements.  A re-test in 2 months shows significant improvement and at 4 months establishes what your baseline need is to help prevent cognitive decline.

2 of the most common supplements are:

OmegaPure – a monoglyceride that’s 3.4 times greater absorption than Omega 3 triglyceride, poor absorption of good fats can affect us down to the very base cellular function.  I’ve been taking this regularly and felt more detoxing the first week than when I did a 10 day detox.  I’ve also seen several studies where tumors were reduced more than using chemo; that’s interesting 😉

Opti-mag neuro – for it’s ability to get magnesium across the blood brain barrier.  I’ve been taking this for months now and it doesn’t have the laxative effect other magnesium products tend to stimulate.

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