The well-being of my patients is always on the top of my mind.

With concerns about the Coronavirus (COVID-19), I’m taking steps to help protect the health and safety of my patients.

So you can feel at ease getting adjusted and de-stressing your body.
Staying adjusted improves the immune system along with sufficient sleep, reduce of other stressors, reduce caffeine intake, and take a break from the news 😉  COVID-19’s behavior for most is just like the flu.

I have a list of supplements to help support immunity FYI, which you can see on my blog HERE,  I also have UltraVirx, ADP (oregano), and FC Cidal from Biotics.


You will notice that when you book an appointment there will be an extra 15 minutes of time. This is to space out appointment by 15 mins to reduce person to person contact.

This will also leave time for me to use antiseptic on table, surfaces and door knobs and devices used.  I also have an Airocide machine running, that destroys viruses, bacteria and mold, that other filters cannot, virtually scrubbing the room all night long.

I will be wearing a mask and a shield when in close proximity.

Please wear your own mask. Simple cloth masks are not acceptable having only a 5% filtration rate. KN95 masks are preferred and the next level would be 3 layer melt blown surgical mask (these are not true surgical masks and have approx. 40% filtration rate).  If you do not have one – I may provide you a surgical masks that can be put under your cloth mask; or I may have better masks KN95 for $1.

Allow me to open and close doors for you when possible.

To reduce money transactions you can pay by Zelle or Venmo.  You can also put your credit card online for payments.  Cash is still accepted.

Please do not come in if you are getting sick or someone in your inner circle ⭕️ is getting sick.
The office is equipped with Airocide air filtering system which filters out viruses, bacteria and mold.


CLICK HERE for an overview of New Patient Information. After you book your appointment using our ONLINE scheduler, then fill out your initial office FORMS. Save the form to your desktop and then email to and in the RE: line say new patient consult – attach the pdf – use the same email address that you use to make the online appointment. This is a HIPPA compliant email address – you can also password your completed and saved pdf with your 6-digit date of birth. It may not be possible to do a Skype session if you are making a same day appointment as the doctor may be with another patient. In that case bring  your completed office form with you or email it.

Look forward to meeting you.


Please postpone your office visit if you have any signs or symptoms of COVID or may have recently been exposed to a known person with COVID to help stop the spread of COVID.

All the best.