Preventing the Coronavirus


We are traveling to Mexico and so I did some research on ways to prevent getting this virus.

First supporting your own immune system is important. Remember it’s just a flu, so don’t freak out, like any flu it can be mild, moderate or severe depending on your own immune system.

Medline Plus recommendations – short list – you don’t need a mask unless you have it to prevent spreading it. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds and don’t touch your face or mouth in general. Hand disinfectants if you can not wash your hands it has to be 60% alcohol. The entire information from Medline link

Here’s the top supplements from Xymogen to prevent infections and boost your immune system. To buy: You must email me with your email and full name so I can give you access to order products for drop shipment. The first two I always take – NAC and ImmunotiX 500 great products.

Here are some vital methods to boost your Immune System, which is always the best defense! 

N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) Supports Glutathione Synthesis*Supports Detoxification of Environmental Toxins and Pollutants*Supports Antioxidant Activity in all Body Cells*Supports Healthy Respiratory Function*
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ImmunotiX 250™ or 500 Supports Healthy Immune Function*Supports the Body’s Defenses Against Seasonal Immune Challenges*Supports Hematopoiesis Following Radiation and Other Bone Marrow Insults*
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Xcellent C™ High-Potency Vitamin C Formula Provides 750 mg Vitamin C per CapsuleFormulated with BioPerine® to Enhance Nutrient Bioavailability*Supports Immune and Antioxidant Systems*Supports Production of Collagen, Carnitine, and Neurotransmitters*Buffered with Minerals to Help Prevent Potential Stomach Upset*
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ProbioMax® Complete DF 30 Capsules Helps Maintain a Healthy Intestinal Microecology*Supports the Natural Immune Response*Supports Bowel Regularity*Supports Lactose Digestion*
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IG 26 DF Provides Immunoglobulins and Immuno regulating Factors That Promote Intestinal and Systemic Health*Supports Passive Immunity in the Intestine*Promotes Balanced Cytokine Production*Supports Muscle Performance and Recovery* 
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K2-D3 5000 Supports Bone Health by Promoting Carboxylation of Bone Proteins*Supports Cardiovascular Health by Affecting Arterial Calcium Deposits*Supports Healthy Blood Clotting*
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Remember a flu takes advantage of weakened immune systems.