How to Catch COVID 19




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How to Catch COVID 19

I was just forwarded a link on How to Catch Covid 19 from the LA Times. It looks to be a pretty comprehensive overview to the transmission of Covid 19 and ways to prevent it. The big take away is that open air and good ventilation are paramount. Proximity and length of time in contact with infected persons increases the risk the virus can take hold. Less than 15 minutes in close quarters with masks and social distancing still crucial as we reopen businesses. Surface contamination is less of a threat to pick up the virus, like boxes, but still watch frequently touched surfaces like doorknobs.

Here’s a snippet of the article from the Los Angeles Times.

It’s not common to contract Covid-19 from a contaminated surface, scientists say. And fleeting encounters with people outdoors are unlikely to spread the corona virus.

Instead, the major culprit is close-up, person-to-person interactions for extended periods. Crowded events, poorly ventilated areas and places where people are talking loudly—or singing, in one famous case—maximize the risk.

These emerging findings are helping businesses and governments devise reopening strategies to protect public health while getting economies going again. That includes tactics like installing plexiglass barriers, requiring people to wear masks in stores and other venues, using good ventilation systems and keeping windows open when possible.

Please go to the Los Angeles Times to see this must read article in full. READ MORE NOW

Personal Note

On a personal note, it appears as soon as things start opening up many people throw caution to the wind.  We were in Palm Springs a couple of weeks ago, where the restaurants had opened.  We decided to check it out.  We went in with our masks on and were surprised to see a packed restaurant, no social distancing and nobody wearing any masks.  On top of that most the patron in the restaurant were at least over 50 years old.  The waiters were just wearing bandanas over their faces.  Let’s be clear the protection of a bandana is very little at all.  These were necessary initially when it was impossible to find a good mask, but there are many places to buy suitable masks now.  Please get one or more and wear them in public spaces.

CO2 Toxicity

I was just talking with a patient today who had very high levels of CO2 in her blood, from wearing a mask all day.  A remedy is taking 5 deep breaths without a mask preferably outside or well ventilated non-public space.  Breathe in with a count of 5 and out with a count of 10 seconds.  In other words, take twice as long to breath out.  This was the recommendation of her famous acupuncturist.   You can do this a few times a day if you have prolonged periods of having to wear a mask.  If you take an Uber open the windows to get fresh air circulating while driving, the same goes for driving yourself with friends in the car, since this is a confined space and wear a mask.  If you are driving alone or with a (negative) family member you don’t need to be wearing your masks but air ventilation is still a good idea.

Lung Damage Without COVID 19 Symptoms

New findings are out that lung damage in asymptotic persons testing positive to COVID 19 can still develop long-term lung issues/damage.  Research is now showing lung damage on CT scans within a few weeks after testing positive. 

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