Today I Really Love


Today I Really Love

Why is difficult to say I love you?

I was pacing in the kitchen making coffee remunerating over last-night’s game with friends.  Wherein, we had to say a quality we liked about the other person.

really loveAnd today I was thinking why is so difficult for me to give compliments, which in turned made me ask myself the question of why is hard for me to say ‘I love you.’   So I thought this is a good topic to look at from a Theta-Therapy perspective.

I was testable using my finger-O-ring muscle test.  So, let’s  begin.  First I tested to see if it was difficult to say ‘I love you.’  And the muscle test came back that it was not difficult.  Hmmm.  Then I tested it’s difficult to say ‘I really love you.’  Again negative response.  So then I said ‘it’s hard for me to say I really love you.’  Bingo!

I thought: ‘Oh it’s hard to really mean it.‘  I went thru self-questioning and it was not getting anywhere.  The typical things I would expect did not show up about me.  I thought maybe I was afraid to show my feelings, or afraid of the other person’s response to saying ‘I love you.’

So then I asked the question in statement form – ‘A person can really love another person.’   The answer was no.  Ah hah!

I then stated ‘unconditionally love and really loving someone is the same,’ again the answer was no.  Then, I asked if ‘god really loved me’ and it said no.

The long and short of it is:  my definition of ‘what love really is,’ was so convoluted that nothing could measure up to, especially not merely saying it made it true.  Testing all these beliefs with just the word “love” in instead of “really love” were completely different.

Shifting belief systems.

I connected with mother earth by visualizing that I had a root system like an ancient redwood reaching down into the earth.  Organically, I told mother earth ‘I really love you’, and felt all the earth from above and below it’s crust and felt it’s enormity and beauty.

I then went up thru the planes of existence  ‘saying I really love you,’ along the way.  I reached the 7th plane asked for the download of all the knowledge and information of “what love really is and how to really love another person as well as myself.”

The intensity was not as much as one would expect in the moment, but I just went with and went back thru all the planes.  I retested my ability and person’s ability to ‘really love each other’ and all came back affirmative.  It was now in my belief systems to be possible.

Let’s try it out and see.