Knee sports injury and applied kinesiology

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When testing for any sports injury there are many complex relationships in the muscles surrounding the knee and the hip area in addition we cannot forget and there may be some imbalance through the hips that can create more stress at the knee.

Also if we are carrying extra weight – 5 extra pounds of body fat could cause up to 40 pounds of extra pressure at the knee.

Some of the main culprits when muscle testing the knee are the popliteus muscle which lies behind the knee and allows the knee to lock; in cases where it is weak it may cause hyperextension of the knee which could cause anterior joint pain.
Also tracking of the knee can cause knee pain the usual culprits here are the medial quadriceps.

Also medial support of the knee comes from the Sartorius.

I find one right correct these weaknesses if I give the patient some of their own homework to stimulate the popliteus muscle and rub at the medial condyle of the tibia it helps to maintain the integrity of the joint movement.
As long as there is not destruction of the joint foreign bodies in the joint or torn ACL or PCL most athletes can recover relatively quickly from common injuries when we look at facilitating the imbalanced muscles.
I also find cold laser very helpful for reducing pain in the knee joint and improving range of motion more quickly.