20 09, 2017

Discovering Prostate Cancer – Part 1

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Discovering Prostate Cancer – Part 1 I mentioned that my discovery of something wrong was by accident. I feel great and have no signs or symptoms of anything wrong. I was delivered a sample kit to test a new supplement, which had research to show very favorable improvements in stimulating natural growth hormone. It seemed a little to good to be true, but they had research to back it up. I decided to do my own research and see if I saw before and after improvements in my blood work. As usual I put it off for about a month and then decided I really wanted to try this product so I schedule myself [...]

25 01, 2013

how important is breath to detoxify the body

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Breathing is more important to optimal help than you think. how are waste are limited by the body in the following percents: 3% by the bowel, 7% by urine, 20% by the skin, and 70% by breathing and exhaled water vapor. it's no wonder so many yoga techniques focus on breathing. breathing being both voluntary and involuntary has many significant functions other than just bringing oxygen into a blood. the breathing mechanism is also involved and cerebral spinal fluid movement has the cranium and sacrum move as you breathe. Chiropractic Yoga and other sorts of movements are important to remove restrictions in the cranium and sacrum to maintain the flow from breathing. Dr. Ken [...]