18 05, 2017

Exercises for Back Pain – Youth and Vitality

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Hi, I wanted to talk to you about some exercises for back pain that I give my patients on a regular basis, to improve their spinal flexibility. They are good especially for the lumbar spine and thoracic spine, as well as the cervical spine. There are 2 basic exercises that I have found particularly useful: Down Dog into Up Dog and a modified Camel Pose. Down Dog into Up Dog You want to perform 11 repetitions 2 times per day. You start on all fours, with your hands, knees and feet at shoulder’s width apart. While keeping the arms straight (but not hyper-extended) look towards your knees as you raise your butt into the [...]

25 01, 2013

how important is breath to detoxify the body

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Breathing is more important to optimal help than you think. how are waste are limited by the body in the following percents: 3% by the bowel, 7% by urine, 20% by the skin, and 70% by breathing and exhaled water vapor. it's no wonder so many yoga techniques focus on breathing. breathing being both voluntary and involuntary has many significant functions other than just bringing oxygen into a blood. the breathing mechanism is also involved and cerebral spinal fluid movement has the cranium and sacrum move as you breathe. Chiropractic Yoga and other sorts of movements are important to remove restrictions in the cranium and sacrum to maintain the flow from breathing. Dr. Ken [...]

20 06, 2011

Falling down?

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I heard that by the time you are 7 years old you have at least 1,000 injuries creating many long-term neurological effects … better pad the floor :-) How do you deal with that?  At my office I use neurological testing and re-balancing of  the proprioceptive system use cold-laser therapy and magnets, especially targeting the cerebellum.  Cold laser therapy at