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Dr. Ken Best DC has been working with Hollywood’s ‘A’ list for more than 30 years.  A key part to maintaining their health, fitness and beauty is supplementing an organic diet with best supplements.  Now with WholeScripts finding the best supplements has been made possible with direct shipping to your home.

Many of the best supplements are only sold directly through holistic health care providers.  The reason for this is quality control; verifying and recommending the best course of supplementation based on personal history, symptoms, need, as well as uncovering  contraindications based on diseases, medications and other factors.

Most major brand of supplements are produced by the same few wholesale manufacturers and then are privately labeled by brands.  Often these generic supplements are not properly regulated for quality and not having actual bioavailable supplements in the amounts listed.

The term ‘green drug’ refers to supplements, at the recommended dose, that function in the body as well or better than pharmaceutical drugs.  Most of these high functioning, bioavailable supplements are only accessible through holistic healthcare providers.  They require more rigorous testing of raw materials that go into making these supplements, which often drives up the cost of these high functioning supplements, but it may make all the difference in achieving your health goals.

Read more on how Dr. Ken Best, DC helped heal himself of Stage IV metastatic prostate cancer incorporating supplementation.

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RegeneMax® Plus 120 Capsules

RegeneMax® Plus features clinically tested ch-OSA® (choline-stabilized orthosilicic acid) complemented with biotin. ch-OSA naturally helps nourish your body’s beauty proteins by supporting and activating enzymes used by collagen-generating cells to make collagen. Regular orthosilicic acid (OSA) has to be stabilized to avoid polymerization, a process that decreases bioavailability. ch-OSA’s patented choline-stabilization technology prevents polymers from forming and ensures OSA’s optimal absorption. By combining ch-OSA with biotin, RegeneMax Plus offers an even greater level of beauty support.*

ProbioMax® Daily DF 60 Capsules