One size does not fit all. Finding the appropriate chiropractic technique is our job and having a wide variety to choose from is what Dr. Ken Best, D.C. offers.

Often because we live in such a stressful environment and have poor diets, our adrenal glands (which produces adrenal and cortisol) get overworked and this over production of hormones can result in a state of ligament laxity. This means your ligaments which hold your joints in place may be hyper-mobile. If this is the case with a patient they do far better with low-force adjustments and balancing of the musculature in order to heal.

On the contrary, a person who has very little flexibility and joints which are locked ‘out of place’ they may do better with laser therapy or physiotherapy to loosen the ligaments and muscles before using the standard chiropractic adjustment called “Diversified Technique”.

Percussor and Adjustor Instruments from IMPAC

Dr. Ken Best, D.C. offer percussion based on Dr. Fulford’s work in unwinding the fascia of the body extremities relate to tension in the spine.

Adjustor instrumentation is very effective in making very focused movement in the spine in fixated areas with little to no discomfort, which can be easily modulated for each patient.

FDA Approved Therapeutic Laser

These new class of therapeutic lasers are proving very valuable in reducing pain and inflammation. This is particularly helpful in very acute injuries which do not tolerate typical chiropractic adjustments. These lasers are also very instrumental in the rehabilitation of sports injuries.

Neuro-Muscular Reeducation PAC

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor has been trained in this unique deep tissue and sports massage therapy, which is important in the recovery of chronic injuries and tendonitis.

Applied Kinesiology

Los Angeles

West Hollywood

Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a system of manual muscle testing that relates the organs, meridians, nervous system, lymphatics and nutrition all together. This is especially helpful with hidden problems that go undiagnosed by many practitioners to find the underlying causes of chronic injuries and poor health. Learn more about AK