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Deep Tissue Therapy
Unlock energy

Unlocking the energy and emotions that can be stored in injured muscles may allow the body to heal more rapidly.

Dr. Best, D.C. is trained in several deep tissue techniques and is applied when needed in the recovery of an injury.

  • Neuromuscular technique is designed to get into the fascial planes, like Rolfing, to separate adhesions in the muscle layers.
  • Trigger point therapy is also a frequently needed technique to extinguish painful areas that refer pain throughout the body.
  • Injury Recall technique finds where muscles are holding on to old injury patterns and how to break those patterns in order for the tissues to return to normal health.
  • Deep tissue sports therapy is used to flush the lymphatic congestion of muscles and stretch the fascia.
… Healing sports injuries starts with balancing the architecture of the muscular system, by facilitating neuro-inhibited muscles;  reducing inflammation and restoring normal motion.

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