Ideal Fitness – Why Fitness Is Important to Maintaining a Healthy Weight

Ideal fit body is about improving the quality of your life. We not only want you to look and feel better by losing weight through the diet program, we also want quantifiable results in your health and fitness. It turns out that there’s a strong correlation between health and fitness and we can actually put them on the same continuum.

On one side you have sickness, in the middle you have wellness, and on the other side you have fitness.
Some examples of this are: body fat, bone density, blood pressure, muscle mass, good and bad cholesterol, triglycerides, flexibility, strength, cardiovascular endurance, stamina.

We all know that exercise has many positive benefits, but what is the most ideal way to exercise? Well the idea is to create a program that truly puts you in touch with your anatomy and teaches you how to use your body standing on your own two feet. The more we can express your own strength using movements that simulate real life situations the more we can improve your quality of everyday life. We are looking to reduce any pain, inflammation, strengthen your core, increase your balance, flexibility, coordination, stability, and more! Essentially we want to restore your body back to the way it was designed to move and create a fully capable, healthy, and strong body!

The ideal fit body!

Workout program for phase 1: Foundation/learning phase. You will be individually assessed and evaluated using a series of functional movements to test mobility/flexibility, core strength, coordination, balance and any potential imbalances in the body. During this phase, proper motor recruitment patterns are established and reinforced while working on any limitations in mobility that may hinder your ability to perform functional movements correctly. The focus of this phase is to learn the anatomy of the body, how to move properly, and to learn what it means to be functionally fit and healthy.

Workout program for phase 2 of the diet: strength and conditioning phase. Once you are out of phase 1 of the diet and we are able to test your expression of strength aerobically we will begin to challenge your fitness level through a variety of multi functional training workouts. Workouts will be tailored to the individual based on their level of fitness to help correct and strengthen any weaknesses found in phase 1.

Workout program for phase 3: ideal fit body. As phase 2 blends into phase 3 we will begin to incorporate more challenging movements and workouts as you begin feeling more confident in yourself and your ability to perform. It is during this phase where you will really reap all the benefits of the program. Your level of fitness has gained momentum and your body is really starting to take the shape that you are looking to achieve. As a team we have tracked your diet and fitness together and now we can really fine tune the program for you and you will understand the keys to living a healthy and fit lifestyle!

Free Fitness and Weight Loss Assessment

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Package Plans

Basic Package

This package is designed for the more experienced dieter.
If you are able to lose weight easily and usually can [;’sustain your weight loss for long periods of time, but the weight has just crept back on, then this package is for you.

You get a 4 phase mild-ketogenic diet program. Phase 1 is to lose all the weight you want to lose and then we slowly restart your system. In Phase 2 & 3 we add back meals in a deliberate way to prevent you from putting the weight back on.
In addition you get a free monthly body composition report to help you support keeping the weight off.

Advance Package

This package is geared to the person who has difficulty losing weight or keeping it off.

To support you in this process in addition to the basic diet to lose all the weight we incorporate theta therapy to find the emotional belief systems that are stopping you from losing weight or from keeping it off.

Also in this package we give you a tailored approach to discover your inflammatory foods, which affect your immune system and your metabolism and reset your bodies weight set point.

This is an essential key to persons who normally regain weight easily.

Premium Package – Health & Fitness

This package is for those dieters who want to become really fit, improve the way they look and create more success with the diet, health and fitness. This is in addition to everything included in the Advanced Package.

Here we customize this package to incorporate exercise, whole body vibration, life coaching, and blood testing for leaky gut syndrome and inflammatory foods.

This package covers all the bases to insure your long-term success and overall Heath to truly look and feel younger.

Fitness Package Plans [click here]

“One of the biggest health challenges my patients face is being able to lose weight quickly and effectively which is why I love having Ideal Protein available in my office.”