Best Chiropractor Century City | West LA

/Best Chiropractor Century City | West LA

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor for Century City | West Los Angeles

Treating the whole person – physical, chemical and emotional for optimal health by blending state of the art technology with Eastern wisdom. As an Applied Kinesiologist Dr. Best, D.C. is able to look deeper into body, finding underlying causes to sports and chronic injuries.  Our Century City adjacent Chiropractic Office is located just 4 miles away (15 mins.) between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, three blocks north of Wilshire.

6135 Lindenhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Century City

Chiropractor Century City | West Los Angeles

Our chiropractic office is conveniently located to Century City and West Los Angeles, just a few miles between Beverly Hills and West Hollywood; 3 blocks north of Wilshire between Crescent Heights and Fairfax.

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor is located inside a Wellness Studio in a private/zen location at 6135 Lindenhurst Avenue just 4 miles from Century City.  Dr. Best, D.C. specializes in sports chiropractor and is a holistic physician.

This office has both Chiropractic services and weight loss services. Our office is located behind the main-house at 6135 Lindenhurst.

You can make an appointment by calling our reservation line 24/7 for an appointment at (323) 655-5515 or book online right now through our secure scheduling system.

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from Century City & West Los Angeles

For patients coming from Century City head east on Olympic or Wilshire Blvd. and turn left on Crescent Heights Blvd. proceed 3 blocks north of Wilshire and turn right on Lindenhurst Avenue.

Drive down to the second speed bump and you will see the main-house located at 6135 Lindenhurst Avenue.  The entrance for the Wellness Studio is up the driveway and proceed down the walkway on the right side of the house.

PARKING:  2 hours free parking on the north side of the street or in the driveway if available.  Street parking on Saturdays requires a temporary parking pass from our office.

THE WELLNESS STUDIO:  Is located behind the house down walk up the driveway to the pathway on the right side of my house.

CHECK-IN OFFICE:  The back office and billing opens up to the outside patio, across from the STUDIO.

Front Entrance to Office

Office entrance from house.

chiropractic office door


chiropractic office

Inside the chiropractic office.

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