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Biggest Loser Weight Loss Controversy

New York Times Biggest Loser Weight Loss Controversy.

Contests regaining all the weight they lost and more!  Why does their metabolism slowdrkenbest_ideal_protein down from this type of dieting?

Why You Can’t Lose Weight on a Diet

You may have read how diets cause people’s metabolism to slow down causing them to gain more weight easily.

So what’s the deal?  It has been recognized for sometime that diets like Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig to name a few fall short when it comes to maintaining an effective metabolism post-diet.  One reason is that just a low calorie diet results in not only fat loss but muscle loss as well.  Muscle is an important part of your metabolic system.  Decreased muscle is one reason the metabolism is slowed down after the typical low calorie diet.  A ketogenic diet on the other hand relatively quickly switches the body into burning fat as a primary source of energy, thus sparing the breakdown of fat.  However, maintaining a ketogenic diet to get this results means no cheating at all, otherwise the body will have problems going in and of using ketone bodies for energy.  This will result in the body just being on a low calories diet and will suffer the same consequences.

Ideal Protein

In using Ideal Protein in my office I have personally seen my body fat drop and my calorie intake increasing by 300 calories and BMW increased by 130kcal. I.e. I can eat more then when I started the diet in 3 years my body fat has stayed dropped from 18% to 12% and increased muscle mass by 10 pounds. Now I maintain using selective carb cycling.

Ketogenic Diet

A ketogenic diet can be maintained for only few weeks for a person resetting their normal base weight after a indulging a bit too much or after on a bulking up diet in conjunction with weight lifting; ketogenic diet can also be maintained for several months for larger weight loss goals of 3o to 75lbs.  In my practice I find that most people at 75lb weight loss get a bit tired of being on a diet and start teaching, it’s better to phase out and take break if more weight loss is necessary than cheating, because it just becomes a low calorie diet.

In my practice, I find that the most important part in keeping the weight, besides keeping or improving your metabolism, is to discover your inflammatory foods and remove or restrict these foods in your normal dietary intake.

These 3 Body composition analysis show over a 3 year period an increase in basal metabolic rate, an increase daily calories to consume in order to maintain weight ,  a continued reduction in body fat percentage of 3% (after an original loss of 5% body fat) and increase in muscle mass of 10lbs.  Initial weight loss on Ideal Protein diet of 28lbs in 4 1/2 weeks down to 15% body fat; followed by maintenance phase and then a bulk up phase, 2 periods of 3 weeks of a workout version of  a ketogenic diet to increase lean muscle mass and reduce body fat percentage.  Current maintenance of carb cycling diet using high carbs post intense workout.


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