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Working with the Best Fitness Trainers in Los Angeles, Dr. Ken Best, D.C., a Los Angeles sports chiropractor, has his office located in a private training facility called “The Fitness Factory.”  One of the best kept fitness training secrets in all of Los Angeles.  This gym has been here for more than 20 years catering to Hollywood’s elite actors, musicians and other film industry professionals.  It’s an “old school” gym without all the amenities and glitz of the Equinox Gym or Crunch Gym, but with people serious about getting in shape and hiring the Best Fitness Trainers in Los Angeles.  The trainers here are not the cheapest, but have the clientele to backup their claims to being the best trainers in Los Angeles.

Dr. Ken Best Chiropractor – His Best Fitness Trainers in Los Angeles

Dr. Ken Best, D.C.
Dr. Ken Best, D.C.Chiropractic Fitness & Sports Injury Rehab
Sports Chiropractor located in the Fitness Factory

Dr. Best, D.C. was a competitive rower in college at the University of San Diego and was a wrestler in High School, in addition having played football, swimming and judo.  Dr. Best, D.C. brings his special expertise into training workouts when appropriate for the necessary rehabilitation of sports injuries.  On the spot Dr. Best, D.C. can recognize imbalances in the musculature and rebalance them using the techniques in Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Best, D.C. uses vibration plate therapy in conjunction with lifting weights to improve proprioception and return patients to optimal performance.

Dr. Best, D.C.  has had the pleasure to work on location at the U.S. Olympic Trials for the National Cycling Team and has worked with a superstar legend of track field, one of the fastest woman in the world to come back into the game following a hamstring injury to take 3td in the World Competition in her 30s.

Dr. Best, D.C. also trained with Notre Dame football camp in his youth as his older brother then played for Notre Damn and then later Chicago Bears.

Dr. Ken Best, D.C.
Sports Chiropractor

Maxwell Hollen
Maxwell HollenFitness Trainer
Fitness trainer at the Fitness Factory.

For most people, at least in the beginning, it’s about better ADL’s. (Or Activities of Daily Living.). Which means, increased functionality in our daily lives. Things like walking upstairs, sitting down in a chair, getting out of the car, walking in heels or playing with the kids. Also important is the prevention of injuries such as falls, trips, spills, back pulls, knee pains, etc. We can accomplish this through increased range of motion, mobility, balance, stability, flexibility, agility and overall strength. This is the first step in Maxwell’s Optimax Method. “With these building blocks we can then start to take it to the next level in shaping the body through specific exercise and techniques.”

Maxwell started Optimax Method in 2013 after training in the big box gyms like Equinox and David Barton. Certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist with National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). Maxwell is experienced in Corrective exercise for individuals with and injury rehab or physical limitations. Working with pre and post-natal clientele, helping mothers stay fit and healthy through the term. Helping create an environment for an easier child birth and recovery. He is an expert in modalities such as Kettlebells, Cables, TRX to list a few. Maxwell was a professional snow skier and played many high level competitive sports. He brings his knowledge and experience to sports specific development for your weekend warrior or your professional competitor. Maxwell currently competes with the National Physique Committee and the International federation of bodybuilding. He participates in fitness and physique bodybuilding shows. Maxwell took a 4th place finish in His last contest.

If your just trying to lose a few pounds, or many. If you want more muscle and tone in your shape. Or getting ready for an Iron man or local mud run; Optimax Method will create the right program for you. There will be a comprehensive assessment for you, your goals and abilities.

Maxwell also offers nutrition counseling and meal plans to aid in the fitness process. “More than 50% of your fitness relies on nutrition”. “Getting fit and eating healthy will improve your sleep, increased energy and focus when awake, overall feeling of well-being and confidence of strength in your daily life”.

Come find your fitness life with Maxwell and Optimax Method, were strong mind = strong body.

Fitness for life!

Maxwell Hollen


Rhonda Polon
Rhonda PolonFitness Trainer
Fitness trainer at the Fitness Factory

Rhonda Polon, creator of Spin Gal Fitness, started as a little girl working with her mother in the fitness industry. As she got older, she began managing gyms around town and decided to get certified through Johnny G, Spin guru. Rhonda is a three-time certification owner (ACE, AFA, and Nutrition) who specializes in circuit training with a combination of cardio and weight bearing exercises. She places much emphasis on form and technique, but keeps the workouts fun as well. Rhonda loves every minute of every day that she does it, so get ready to get fit with Spin Gal!

Having a personal trainer is like having a personal coach, someone with the knowledge and experience — and the motivational abilities — to help people reach their fitness goals.  My primary function of being a personal trainer is to instruct individual clients on the property methods of exercising according to their age and fitness abilities.  More than that, though, the personal trainer has to be someone who can make people want to meet their fitness goals.  It’s a skill that many either have or don’t, and can be hard, if not impossible, to learn.

Rhonda Polon
Spin Gal Fitness
ACE, AFA, and Nutrition


Fitness Training & Sports Rehab at Best Sports & Holistic Chiropractic

What is a private training Facility?

If you walk thru this “old school” style gym,  you’ll find all the essential equipment in this old historic landmark building located in West Hollywood, without all the hype and glitz.  This is a serious workout gym and so are the trainers.  Here clients do not have to pay for a gym membership, their trainer pays a training fee per client session.

How does Applied Kinesiology and chiropractic prevent or heal sports injuries?

Dr. Best Chiropractor supports and promotes several trainers here at the Fitness Factory, because of their awareness of the signs of musculoskeletal imbalance in the body.  Dr. Best, D.C. understands that since muscle move the bones that proper muscular balance is essential to joint health and optimal performance.  Applied Kinesiology is a great method to test the muscular system of the body to find muscle weakness or inhibition and fix it.  This can either translate into wellness care to improve performance and reduce the risk of future injuries, or rehabilitate injuries quickly to get you back into the gym and stay in shape.  Too often minor injuries when left untreated cause persons to fall out of their regular exercise regime, we believe that we can get back to your normal workouts in the shortest amount of time.