Best Sports Massage West Hollywood in Los Angeles

Working with the Best Sports Massage West Hollywood in Los Angeles, Dr. Ken Best, D.C., a Los Angeles sports chiropractor, has his office located in a private training facility called “The Fitness Factory.”  Not only home to some of the Best Fitness Trainers, but Best Sports Massage Therapists as well.  Dr. Best, himself, was also certified in deep tissue, sports massage and neuromuscular reeducation prior to becoming a chiropractor.  This gives Dr. Best the ability to find the Best Sports Massage West Hollywood in Los Angeles therapisit.   Dr. Best and his sports massage therapists work with  Hollywood’s elite actors, musicians and other film industry professionals.  We are located in the Fitness Factory It’s an “old school” gym without all the amenities and glitz of the Equinox Gym or Crunch Gym, but with people serious about getting in shape and hiring the Best Sports Massage West Hollywood in Los Angeles.  This is not the cheapest massage you can find, but the best!  A true therapeutic sports massage and deep tissue is rarely offered at other spas, but only in clinic setting as we have at Best Sports & Holistic Chiropractic.

Dr. Best’s – Best Fitness Trainers in Los Angeles

Kendon Turner
Kendon TurnerSports Massage Therapist
Sports Massage Therapist West Hollywood

Kendon Turner
Massage Therapist & Wellness Coach

Kendon’s passion for the wellness industry presented its self at an early age. While other children in his small North Carolina hometown earned there allowances cutting grass or helping with odd jobs, Kendon quickly realized that the same goal could be achieved by walking on his father’s back or rubbing his mother’s feet. He also found out that he had quite a knack for it.

His interest in anatomy and physiology only grew from there. His fascination with how the human body works lead him to earn his degree in clinical massage therapy and bodywork modalities in 2007.

Since relocating in 2010, Kendon has work with high end spas and gyms all over the Los Angeles area as well as instructing massage therapy at a college level.

His education includes various techniques including Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, and shiatsu. In 2011 he became NASM certified and completed 250 hours of Pilates training. He is also quite adept at assessing and correcting postural deviations and instructing corrective exercises or stretches on an individual basis.

An excellent communicator and an empathetic listener, his clients have been a diverse group covering a broad range of ages and including women seeking prenatal therapy.

“My goal is to help each client better understand their own body and aid them in recovering peak performance once again.
I know from first-hand experience how therapeutic combining massage, resistance training, and Pilates can be and I find it deeply rewarding to be able to offer these services to my clients. “

Kendon Turner
Kendon TurnerSports Massage Therapist
Sports Massage Therapist West Hollywood
Dr. Ken Best
Dr. Ken BestChiropractic Fitness & Sports Injury Rehab
Sports Chiropractor located in the Fitness Factory

Dr. Best was a competitive rower in college at the University of San Diego and was a wrestler in High School, in addition having played football, swimming and judo.  Dr. Best brings his special expertise into training workouts when appropriate for the necessary rehabilitation of sports injuries.  On the spot Dr. Best can recognize imbalances in the musculature and rebalance them using the techniques in Applied Kinesiology.

Dr. Best uses vibration plate therapy in conjunction with lifting weights to improve proprioception and return patients to optimal performance.

Dr. Best has had the pleasure to work on location at the U.S. Olympic Trials for the National Cycling Team and has worked with a superstar legend of track field, one of the fastest woman in the world to come back into the game following a hamstring injury to take 3td in the World Competition in her 30s.

Dr. Best also trained with Notre Damn football camp in his youth as his older brother then played for Notre Damn and then later Chicago Bears.

Dr. Ken Best, D.C.
Sports Chiropractor

Sports Massage & Sports Rehab at Best Sports & Holistic Chiropractic

What is deep tissue or sports massage?

Deep tissue and sports massage therapy is a therapeutic process to unlock stuck or ‘frozen’ tissue which can be the result of chronic repetitive stress (like sitting a desk all day long) or from persistent sports injuries.   Unlike Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and sports massage focus on finding adhesions in the fascial planes of muscles to release the constant tugging and pulling these muscles have on each other – the symptom of this is pain during normal activities or the inability to heal from a sports injury.  Removing these adhesions allow the muscles to glide against the surface of other muscles providing the proper balance and synergy of these muscles.  Ultimately freeing up the muscle to do what it is supposed to do.

How does Applied Kinesiology, chiropractic and sports massage prevent or heal sports injuries?

Dr. Best works with Sports Massage Therapist who have the awareness of the signs of musculoskeletal imbalance in the body.  Dr. Best understands that since muscle move the bones that proper muscular balance is essential to joint health and optimal performance.  Sports massage therapy can be vital for optimal performance.  Applied Kinesiology is a great method to test the muscular system of the body to find muscle weakness or inhibition and fix it.  This can either translate into wellness care to improve performance and reduce the risk of future injuries, or rehabilitate injuries quickly to get you back into the gym and stay in shape.  Too often minor injuries when left untreated cause persons to fall into chronic pain cycles.  With corrective and wellness care we believe we can help you maintain a healthy active lifestyle.