Best Chiropractic Los Angeles Office Procedures

Dr. Kenneth Best Chiropractic Los Angeles Office is happy to address your health concerns.

Dr. Kenneth Best Chiropractic fee schedule is primarily based on face to face time with the doctor in 20 minute increments. The initial basic office visit and treatment is approximately 40 to 50 minutes. Severe injury cases and auto accidents require 1.5 hours for the initial office visit.

There are no cash discounts or payment plans as Dr. Best’s treatment protocol is very different from your typical chiropractic office that may only provide physical manipulation, EMS, ultrasound or massage. Dr. Best provides a complete kinesiology exam and treatment integrating spinal adjustments with acupuncture meredians and neurolymphatic reflexes.

We are often asked if you have to come in 3-times per week for the rest of your life? No.

Dr. Best spends more time with your personal treatment so you have to spend less time coming back and forth from the office. Dr. Best employs chiropractic techniques which help to maintain and facilitate spinal/organ/meridian corrections from a holistic health perspective, helping you to heal quicker and maintain your adjustments longer.

Your health is your choice!

Wellness and wholeness is your choice. Some patients just want pain relief (which is fine), while others are choosing to change the quality of their lives and ultimately their long-term health goals. Dr. Best recommends for wellness and wholeness to have an office visit once every 3 weeks, depending on your individual goals and lifestyle.

What to Expect

Once your patient history is reviewed and discussed then the appropriate regional physical examination will made. Muscles of the upper and lower extremity will be manually muscle tested according to Kendall and Kendall protocols in relation to your health concerns. Necessary orthopedic tests will be done. Xrays and other diagnostics if needed may ordered through Mink Radiology Group, but only if necessary.

Treatment options will be discussed and administered during your first visit.

New Patient Intake Form Basic

Additional forms online [Personal Injury or Auto Accident forms.]

Dr. Best Chiropractor Treats:


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